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Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Kasetsart University

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Kasetsart University is one of the most famous faculties in this field in Thailand. Kasetsart University has several outstanding campuses and consequently a great level experience in South East Asia. One of the campuses is located near Paholyothin Road and serves as the Pathology and Animal hospital. Another one is at Kamphaeng Saen campus in Nakhon Pathom province and serves as Animal Teaching Tospital. Another is opened at Nong-Pho to serve local daily industry around Ratchaburi province. Recently, the fourth Veterinary Teaching Hospital was established at Hua Hin in Prachuapkhirikhan province in order to provide teaching facilities and diagnostic and therapeutic services for animals. All those hospitals provided an excellence facility for both small and large animal practices. The facilities in the campus of Bangkok are perfectly suited to student life. Indeed, you can find accommodation, food service, shop and pleasant green spaces.


Kasetsart provides two classrooms for the InterRisk courses. These classrooms are equipped with a WiFi connection and video projectors. The laboratory courses are implemented in the BIOZOONOSEA area which is an outstanding platform. Also, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Bangkok is perfectly organised for the field visits and all their logistic, transportation, administrative and insurance aspects.

Kasetsart University is home to many different activities. Kasetsart staff are involved in academic and research activities. All those four teaching hospitals offer multidisciplinary programs. Kasetsart University is also involved in the famous Thailand One Health University Network (THOHUN) which aims to build regional, national, and local “One Health” capacities for early disease detection, prevention, rapid response and containment, and risk reduction. Read more.